Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Marion County's Latest Disincentive

Thank goodness I left Marion County, which means Indianapolis, just inside a year ago. Had I stayed, I would be subject to a new income tax increase. Indy Star report.

Proponents will point out that the increase is only raising the tax a mere 0.3%, from 0.7% to 1.0%. This now puts Marion County's tax on par with every suburban county that surrounds it. Until now, there was actually a very minor incentive for people making large incomes to stay in Marion- that 0.3% difference. No big difference? Marion County needs all the advantages it can get.

The reason for the tax increase is to build more jails. The Marion County jails are so stuffed full of inmates that the County chooses to release many of them. Some have taken advantage of their early release to commit murder.

This sounds like a place I am glad to have left behind.

I am not at all convinced, though, that Marion County's jails are stuffed full of violent criminals. I have no doubt that there are a significant number who have committed non-violent, victimless crimes. It is unfortunate that rather than doing the job of sorting out the violent from non-violent offenders, the City-County Council, lead by Democrats, simply committed to building more prisons.

Aren't the Democrats usually the ones leading the charge against American society werehousing inner city minorities and the poor in jails? I guess they are now in favor of it. The vote was 21-7. All seven opposed were Republicans. All 15 Democrats voted in favor.

Very delighted to live somewhere else. No doubt others will continue to follow in hordes.

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Chris Ward said...

Mike, you lucky man...instead of increasing taxes, you get to fear Fuhrer Brainard trying to annex all of Hamilton County!! I envy you're position :)