Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Latest Liberal Republican From Hamilton County

Today's award goes to State Senator Luke Kenley of Noblesville. He has taken the lead in the Legislature to craft a bill for socialized football. From the Indy Star:
"We're kind of in the third quarter of this game and we're running out of time-outs," said Senate Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee Chairman Luke Kenley, referring to the planned April 29 end of the year's General Assembly session. The Noblesville Republican has organized a working group of city, state and Colts officials that will meet today to begin hammering out a bill.
Kenley used a lot of football jargon, so I will too. The right thing to do would be to go back to the huddle.

I don't object to legislators getting involved to create a group that will produce a stadium. That would be exactly the right thing to do, getting investors together who would create a private company and build the stadium with private funds.

Unfortunately, what passes for leadership these days is spearheading a team of cronies who conspire to produce new laws that take taxpayer dollars and redistribute them to favored citizens. Kenley has worked hard to position himself as a fiscal conservative, but this proves plainly that he is no such thing.

Luke Kenley is just another one of the many liberal Hamilton County Republicans.

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