Thursday, April 21, 2005

Convention Center Deemed Good Enough

Celebration III is the only George Lucas sanctioned event surrounding Star Wars for 2005. It is being held in the Indianapolis Convention Center- the one that is alleged to be too small, too outdated, too something that 'demands' replacement, at least according to some people who won't be paying for the replacement with their own money. Per the Star:
Celebration III came to Indianapolis for several reasons, says Steve Sansweet, director of content management and head of fan relations for Lucasfilm.

Celebration II was held here in 2002 because the city is within easy driving distance from many densely populated areas and has a good airport. Hotels are plentiful, and the Convention Center was large enough. About 25,000 fans attended.

The city got a good review, and the Convention Center was available, so a return visit was planned.

So, why is it that we need a new Convention Center at nearly $1 billion? We don't- unless some private developer/investor is willing to put up the money. Anything else is simply a scam.

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