Thursday, April 21, 2005

Voting With Their Feet

It seems that Indiana, while growing in real numbers of population, is watching other states grow even faster. From today's Star:
From 2000 to 2004, he said, 19,000 more people have moved out of the state than have moved in from elsewhere in the country. But, in the same period, 47,000 more people migrated here from other countries than left.

"The domestic loss is more than made up for by the international in-migration," Thompson said. "Some of them are college students. I would imagine most of those new people are Hispanic."

In other words, were more attractive than the Third World, but less attractive than other American states.

That is the result of policy. Sure, we always hear about the weather, but frankly, the weather is better here than in New York or Boston. While we lack the attractions of those older cities, we would attract population and thus create the attractions, if only Indiana became a tax haven. Lower the taxes and spending such that Indiana has the lowest tax rates in the country on personal income and on corporations, and you would see massive migration of entrepreneurs and established businesses.

I guess there is a greater commitment here to taxes and government than there is to prosperity. Sad. Oh well- we're still more attractive than Mexico. There's a slogan for our Gov. Mitch!

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