Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Convention Draws Near!

I'm very excited for the upcoming state convention of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. Stepping aside from the role of State Secretary, while not especially daunting, is a bit of a relief in that I need to fully concentrate on the campaign for Secretary of State.

That's what really has me excited. The most committed party members always attend the off-year conventions, and there is a great deal of effort involved for many, as the off-year conventions are held in either the northern- or southern-most parts of the state. This year, it's Clarksville. Members coming from Allen County, or LaPorte, or Lake will be driving some five or six hours each way, which is an eternity in Indiana travel terms. People at this convention are the ones I really want to talk and strategize with, and to impress.

If you haven't registered yet, by all means hop to it! The festivities begin Friday night, and the business meeting will be conducted on Saturday. Go to www.lpin.org for details. I will host a hospitality suite, complete with a Texas Hold 'Em tournament Friday and Saturday nights.

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