Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hamilton County's Liberal Republicans At It Again

The Republican Governor can't figure out how to get private business to build a stadium, so he goes for a tax package that would include taxing restaurants in Hamilton County and other counties, even though the new stadium would be in Marion County.

Are the Republican leaders in Hamilton County principled tax fighters, or are they the Governor's lap dogs? Quoth the Sunday Star:
John Hiatt, president of the Hamilton County Council, said he was encouraged by Peterson's decision to relinquish control. Hiatt believes the council will raise the tax.

"When we met with the governor, we pretty much told him we'd raise the tax," Hiatt said. "We may have some objections, but most of us on the council feel like this may be the right thing to do."

Enough is enough. He will have his objections. Mark your calendars. The next meeting of the Hamilton County Council is schedule for 7pm on Wednesday, May 4, in the newer Judicial Center's Commissioners Court Room.

Be ready to ask the all-Republican Council why it is so eager to raise taxes. Ask them why they would burden one group of citizens (restaurant owners) so that they can reward another group of citizens (football players and team owners).

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