Friday, April 15, 2005

Tax Day Arrives

I will be at the downtown Fort Wayne Post Office from 4-8pm tonight in support of the Libertarian Party of Allen County. Wherever you are, if you see people rallying in support of you keeping more of your income, for lower taxes and smaller government, you will be seeing Libertarians- not Republicans, and certainly not Democrats. My campaign schedule.

April 15 is a day of fear and loathing across America for so many. It would be easy enough to go on a lengthy discourse about taxes, but you've probably been through it a hundred times. The sad fact is, most Americans are not enormously dissatisfied with the tax system. The amount of money taken from American citizens and spent by governments is rationalized away as for the common good, or at least less than the burden borne by the Europeans.

That's all true to some degree. However, if you are the person who believes that government budgets should be smaller than what they are, that the government should be less involved in daily life than it is, that your taxes should be less than they are, this is your symbolic day of lament.

Your symbolic day of relief is Tax Freedom Day, which arrives this year on April 17, according to the Tax Foundation. This is the day that you are finally through paying taxes to the Federal, state, and local governments. It means that every penny the average American earned from January 1 until April 17 went to pay for just one thing- the tax bill.

If you support the current level of taxation, enjoy that thought. Savor it. The rest of us need to work to change it, and it isn't getting done by electing Republicans or Democrats. Do the math.

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