Monday, June 27, 2005

Fill-In on WXNT

For the second time, Libertarian Party of Indiana Executive Director Brad Klopfenstein filled in for Abdul on the Abdul in the Morning show on Newstalk 1430, WXNT-am. Brad invited me to be his in-studio guest.

The show was quite a success, as we talked about the food & beverage taxes being voted on later in the day in Hamilton, Hendricks, and Morgan Counties. Reagan Assistant Doug Bandow, now a Senior Fellow of the Cato Institute, spoke about the folly of publicly funded stadiums as economic engines.

Brad Klopfenstein on WXNT

Yours Truly

Brad also had restaurant owners Bill Smythe of Claude & Annie's, and Pete Watson of BW3s. Each gave his perspective of the impact the food & beverage taxes would have on their businesses, employees, and patrons. Sam Goldstein is leading a remonstrance against a multi-million dollar bond issue the Washington Township (Marion County) schools are considering for high end athletic facilities.

I think we gave perspectives that needed to be voiced, and were entertaining in the process.

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