Wednesday, June 29, 2005

More Council Arrogance

In an incredible display of arrogance, the Carmel City Council called a special afternoon meeting yesterday, introduced an ordinance, and passed it- all before any citizen could act.

Carmel zipped through the process, passing a 1% food & beverage tax in their city. It comes one day after the County passed a 1% food & beverage tax of its own.

The city put the spin on the way it hid from public comment and the opportunity for opposition forces such as the Libertarian Party to mount a campaign. From the Indy Star story:
Carmel and Noblesville leaders said they pushed their votes ahead Tuesday so their local tax will take effect the same date the county tax does -- Aug. 1.

That, they argued, would keep hundreds of businesses from having to reprogram their cash registers and computers twice.

See? These cities are the friends of the restaurant and bar owners!

Of course, the hospitality industry knows this isn't shinola. From the same article:
John Livengood, president of the Restaurant & Hospitality Association of Indiana, called both votes a rush to add the tax without public input.

"They didn't have to do this the day after the county did," Livengood said.

The Carmel City Council voted in front of an empty room after it decided to hold an unusual Tuesday night meeting for the vote. Council member Fred Glaser asked in vain to postpone the decision to allow more public input.

"There was not adequate public notice by Carmel," said Livengood, who hurried to attend the meeting after learning of it late Tuesday afternoon.

These cities are going to keep the Libertarian Party so busy over the next few election cycles. Every time a City Council practices this kind of imperious government- no public notice, no public comment, taxing despite a public weary of taxes- we will post candidates to run against the Councilors.

This is what Charlie White's Republican Party looks like: tax & spend liberal, arrogant, imperious, and greedy. The Libertarian Party is crucial to bring things back to sanity.

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