Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pub Crawl Tonight

Those wishing to support restaurant owners, worker, and patrons are encouraged to join a Hamilton County pub crawl tonight. Meet up for dinner at Claude & Annie's in Fishers at 6:00. At 7:30, we'll go next-door to BW3's. Later in the evening, we'll wind up at my Thursday home for poker- Barley Island, in downtown Noblesville.

Join us if you are:
  • In favor of lower taxes and smaller government
  • Of the belief that sports arenas and convention centers should be privately funded
  • Of the belief that it is wrong to rob Peter to pay Paul
  • Support local businesses, owned and operated by neighbors and friends
If you can't go, please contact your Hamilton County Council representative and let them know that you intend to vote for anyone who will oppose them in the next elections if they vote for the 1% food & beverage tax.

The Hamilton County Council is poised to vote in favor of a 1% food & beverage tax next Monday. They heard overwhelming opposition to the tax, but will vote for it anyway because a) they believe that they can't be voted out of office no matter what they do; and b) because they are far more interested in giving the Governor what he wants than in representing the will of their constituents.

It's late in the game for making them think twice, but not too late. If they see that the opposition is serious and growing, they could just be brought back to common sense and actual representative government.

If we fail to act, we in essence tell them that they can indeed take us for granted.

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