Friday, June 24, 2005

Successful Pub Crawl

The Libertarian Party led a pub crawl through Hamilton County last night in support of restaurant owners, workers, and patrons, raising awareness of the various 1% food & beverage taxes being proposed here.

1% F&B proposed by the Hamilton County Council, being voted on Monday, June 27
1% F&B proposed by the Noblesville Common Council, being voted on Tuesday, June 28
1% F&B proposed by the Carmel City Council, date of vote not yet known
1% F&B likely to be proposed by the Fishers Town Council upon passage of the County's tax
1% F&B possibly to be proposed by the Westfield Town Council. I have heard indications that Westfield may not propose the tax, even though the Indiana legislature made the option available to them.

Hamilton County Chair Rob Place was interviewed in advance of the event by WIBC 1070-am, who led their afternoon newscasts with the item. Online story. He was also interviewed by radio Network Indiana, and the Noblesville Daily Times. We'll look forward to today's coverage of the event.

At the restaurants we visited, I found that people were interested in our position. Generally, Hamilton County's residents are wary of any new tax. There were plenty of people I spoke with who are Colts fans and are concerned that the team could leave without a new stadium. They were pleased to know that our solution was more involved than waving goodbye, but included a casino deal for Jim Irsay, as suggested by Executive Director Brad Klopfenstien, and my own suggestion for the Governor using teh prestige of his office to assemble an investment team.

We found that the restaurant owners and staff were not consulted at any point by the Republican office holders, with one exception. Claude & Annie's Bill Smythe has been contacted, but only after he attended Council meetings to speak in opposition to the tax, and began writing letters of opposition to the Councilors.

Writing letters is the last thing to do before the vote if there is any hope of defeating this thing.

District Council Representatives
Meredith Carter – Carmel – (317) 776-8402 /
John Hiatt – Sheridan & Westfield – (317) 776-8402 /
Judy Levine – Fishers – (317) 776-8402 /
Steve Schwartz – Noblesville, Arcadia, Atlanta & Cicero – (317) 776-8402 /

For more information on “District Maps for County Officials,” click on the following link:

At-large Council Representatives
Brad Beaver (317) 776-8402 /
Jim Belden (317) 776-8402 /
Rick McKinney (317) 776-8402 /

Carter, Hiatt, Levine, and Schwartz are the Councilors who seats are up for election on the next ballot. It is especially important that they understand that they can expect the most significant ballot box opposition if the are on record voting for the tax. That is a message they understand.

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