Thursday, July 07, 2005

Fighting the Good Fight

Three cheers for the people of Home Place, who appear to be on their way towards repelling Carmel's forced annexation attempt. Indy Star story.

I'm not against annexation that occurs because the citizens want it. I'm against it because I am against the use of force, and because I am in favor of self-determination. Home Place residents don't want to be a part of Carmel, so they remonstrated against the city's unwanted overtures.
Stephen Buschmann, the attorney representing the Home Place property owners, said the trial isn't expected to last past Friday.

"The people in Home Place have done a tremendous amount of work, and now it's down to two days," he said. "I admire citizens like them who are willing to stand up.

I admire the residents of Home Place, too. I hope they ultimately win.

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