Friday, July 08, 2005

Seat Belt Nannies March Onward

For years, pick-up truck drivers had been exempt from Indiana's seat belt laws. This year, the nannies in the Statehouse removed that exemption so that all Hoosiers might be free from having the choice. This is in line with most other states in the Union, so how much further can seat belt laws go?

Turn to Pennsylvania, where a Republican is suggesting that dogs should be strapped in. Full story.
Stevenson said the bill will protect "not only human lives, but pet lives. I think it's going to be a great idea because it's going to cut down on driver distractions."
This Stevenson is one Rep. Tom Stevenson (R-PA), who holds an annual "There Ought to be a Law" contest. Don't listen when conservative talk radio hosts yammer that it is only the Democrats committed to creating a nanny state. Both major parties share the commitment. Libertarians should hold an annual, "Here's a Law that Ought to be Repealed" contest.

I can hear Stevenson grandstanding, saying, "it's for the... dogs," or, "anything we can do to save just one dog". I know this- if we have to strap in our dog Sasquatch, we won't be able to drive anywhere. He'll fight against the strap for the entire drive and pee all over the seat. Dog and human will be miserable together, but lorded after by some mindless nanny law.

Sasquatch. Yes, he can jump the fence.

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Sean Cole said...

Now how can a barking dog that is buckled in by a seatbelt be a distraction?. I guess anyone will say anything to get alittle press huh. I wonder how many votes Stevenson will get next election?.