Sunday, January 15, 2006

Competition Watch

Current Secretary of State, Republican Todd Rokita, will be the guest host on Monday's "Abdul in the Morning" on 1430-am WXNT. The program airs from 5-9am.

It will be interesting to discover the topics he'll tackle in the four-hour stint. I hear he has some heavy-hitters from the federal political scene lined up for a phone visit.

I'd love to hear Mr. Rokita's take on the gerrymandering of districts, forced annexation, the attempt at stealing the NK Hurst property via eminent domain, and the elimination of township government.

Full disclosure: I am a Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State. I hope to win my party's nomination at our state convention in April. If I do, I would be Mr. Rokita's opponent in November's general election, along with a Democratic candidate, and possibly another from the Green Party. Mike Kole for Secretary of State website link.

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