Monday, January 16, 2006

Short Session, Many Bills

It's an election year, so our lawmakers feel the need to look busy, writing bunches of laws.

So far, I have only found two worth supporting- one on curtailing eminent domain abuse, and another on ending the practice of gerrymandering. I'll discuss those in more depth in an upcoming post.

Here and there, I will post the Lousy Bill of the Day entry. My only concern is that I can't address every lousy bill before they become law. There are just too many of them!


Michael said...

Ya know, I would gladly pay their salaries if they would just go to Indy, sit on their butts all day and drink latte's from the Starbucks. I don't want these guys doing anything. Whenever these folks go to Indy for a session I feel as if I should go out and hide somewhere till the storm is over.

Rex Bell said...

"No one's life,liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session"...Mark Twain