Monday, January 30, 2006

On Abdul's Show Wednesday

Be sure to tune in to Newstalk 1430-am WXNT and the "Abdul In The Morning" show Wednesday at 8am. I will be on the show to give the Libertarian response to President Bush's State of the Union Address.

When I tune in to the State of the Union Address, I am expecting to hear a great deal on foreign policy. However, I am most interested in hearing the fiscal report and plan for the next year.

The ecomomy is in decent shape, in my opinion, but that's a shame, because it could be incredibly robust. Cut taxes by 1% and trim spending by 5%, and we'll have explosive growth and reversing our horrible deficit situation immediately.

I am concerned for a possible major foreign policy announcement. I participate in a fair amount of polling, and a recent one by Zogby raised my eyebrow. It was loaded with questions looking for my level of comfort with nuking Iran and/or North Korea. That's not a typo. Nuking. I don't believe John Zogby pulled that battery of questions from out of thin air, so we'll see what the President has to say.

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ED said...

That was one wacky poll. When I finished I had to email Zogby and ask why it seemed he feared a country (Iran) run by a logical engineer and not a country (U.S.A.) run by a fool. Zogby was being somebody's lap dog.

It looks obvious to me that Uncle Sam is bloody and fagged and Iran is offering to finish him off. The sad part is not what Bush says but that the Democrats will agree so as to not be against the troops or chickens. We have two parties of rubish. Time to take out the trash.