Saturday, February 04, 2006

Letter In The Topics

Another of my letters on the Geist annexation and the Republican Party's role in the tax grab was printed. This one was in the Thursday, February 3 edition of the Fishers Topics- a free weekly that is distributed to residents of Fishers, Lawrence, and Geist. Link to the letter, and the text:

Letter to the editor: GOP sees Geist residents as ATM.

February 2, 2006

I support the freedom rally the Geist residents staged (Jan. 26) to coincide with the governor's visit for a fund-raiser right in the Geist area. It's an enormous insult to the Geist property owners for the Republicans to at once try to force them into Fishers to steal tax dollars from them, and then to try to make them overlook it with the presence of the governor.

I think this strategic fund- raiser will backfire badly on the Republicans. They would have been much smarter to offer something the Geist property owners want, like a reduction in taxes or abandoning the forced annexation. Instead, the Republican Party shows up with their hands out for donations. That they expect to be rewarded for putting the screws to the people of Geist speaks to how incredibly out of touch Charlie White and the Republican Party is.

The Republican Party is making the lives of the people of Geist harder, so it is important that they let the GOP know that they will withhold their support from them unless and until they return to policies that are in line with the fiscal conservatism now only espoused by Libertarians.

Hopefully, the people of Geist are beginning to see that Charlie White and the GOP merely see the people of Geist as an ATM that he can run to and cash in, without ever returning anything of value to them. I think they are beginning to see that the Libertarian Party is the only option left to them.

Mike Cole (sic)

My name was misspelled, but that's okay. The pronunciation is the same, and when people in Geist ask, "Who's on our side?" and they say, "Mike Kole and the Libertarians," it comes out the same either way.

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