Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Poll Results

Time for the three polls to go. I thought they were interesting and worthwhile questions.

1. What was the highlight of this legislative session?

58% Passage of law curtailing eminent domain
21% Passage of Major Moves
16% There were no highlights
5% Passage of temporary property tax relief
0% Defeat of Indy Works

I agree with the majority here. Restricting eminent domain was the best thing the legislature did. It could have gone further and banned the practice, which would have been better, but this is positive. Interesting that Indy Works, despite the massive press coverage, got no interest here.

2. What was the lowlight of this legislative session?

37% Passage of Major Moves
26% Isn't the short session supposed to be for *emergency* legislation?
16% Party line voting
11% Too tough to pick the lowest of the low
5% Failure to pass anti-gerrymandering bill
5% Passage of shell-game property tax relief

In other years, I think the shell-game property tax 'relief' would have won, but with Major Moves on the books, and many readers from the northern counties who have this strange desire to avoid the redistibution of wealth across the state, it took the prize. In the future, the Libertarian Party will have to make more of the fact that the short session was designed for passage of emergency measures, not sweeping policy items like Major Moves, and not grandstanding items like banning certain foods from school vending machines.

3. What is your top priority for the 2007 legislative session?

47% Good grief, where do you start?
32% Cut the budget by at least 1% across the board
11% Create property tax relief without shifting tax burden
5% Eliminate state income tax
5% Pass tougher eminent domain bill
0% Pass anti-gerrymandering legislation

Good to know! Gerrymandering was the top issue for Libertarians in the Secretary of State race in 2002. It's an issue that is kind of like a music album that is a critical review. People know it's good, but they aren't moved by it in numbers. The 'good grief' bit shows a lot of frustration with the legislature. Cutting the budget is the winner here, ahead of tax cuts. I'd love to see this get traction.

Thanks to all who participated in these polls. New ones to come soon!

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