Saturday, April 08, 2006

How Can I Help II?

There are so many ways to help the Kole Campaign, or any other campaign for office, all of which fall below the answer of "write a check for $1,000".

1. Walk your home precinct on behalf of the candidate. This is a very effective method a impressing upon your neighbors that the candidate you support is worthy of their vote. Precincts are small enough chunks of neighborhoods that a committed walker can get the whole area covered in a few weeks, walking less than two hours per evening.

2. Take and use the candidate's bumper stickers and yard signs. Some people don't like affecting the re-sale value of their car by marring it with stickers. No problem- tape the sticker to the inside of the window. Driving with a single bumper sticker on your vehicle makes it a moving billboard. Parking it in the same lot every day creates the repetition necessary to generate name recognition. Placing the yard sign in your yard tells people you support the candidate. Placing a yard sign at a busy intersection merely tells people that the candidate has plenty of money to toss into the breeze. The personal support of a sign on your property is a meaningful statement to your neighbors.

3. Donate to the campaign. Small contributions are important! Many small contributions add up in meaningful ways. If all you can afford to contribute is $20, don't hold back. That $20 will become at least two radio ads, which will then bring the message of smaller government to several thousand people. Combined with similar contributions from hundreds of other supporters, suddenly there is money for a major media buy that can blanket the entire state. Besides, the supporters of big government won't be holding back. They contribute and their message gets out. There is no good reason that their message should be the only message being heard. Follow this link to donate.

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Robert Enders said...

Are you coming to the tax protest? Bring us some yard signs!