Monday, April 03, 2006

Out With The Old...

Here comes a new poll. But first- the results of the last one:
Do you want local or statewide candidates to talk about Federal issues?

35% Yes - I want to know the whole range of positions the candidate takes

0% Yes - I am a single issue voter (abortion, war, etc.) who only votes for candidates who match my views on my top issue

60% No - If you are running for dog catcher, talk about being a good dog catcher

5% Who cares? I'm going to vote my party no matter what they say or do.
Well, readers here just aren't average voters. We knew that, but at the polls in November, the single issue voters and party-line-toers will be out in force. I appreciate the intellectual integrity of the soul brave enough to admit that he will be voting party line. I just hope you're one of ours.
The new poll is interesting in that I expect the Libertarian Party of Indiana to be part of the 2007 Primaries, by virtue of having gained Major Party status via a 10% statewide finish for Secretary of State. The Republicans and Democrats doubly burden Hoosier taxpayers, by making them pay for political party business, and by giving so many government workers a paid vacation day on Primary Election day.

I expect that most Libertarians will want the LPIN to take the moral high road by opting out of the Primaries, while shaming the Rs & Ds for continuing to participate in them.

What say you? The new poll is at the right.

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