Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How Can I Help? III

Here's the latest in the series. I get regular emails asking exactly this- how can I help? Here are three more ways:

1. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Is there a position that I have taken on a particular issue that really resonates with you? Write a letter stating that you like my position on that issue, and because of it, you support my campaign, and urge others to do likewise. Most newspaper websites include a "Letters" form, often on either the Editorials page, or on the Customer Service page. Letters that are 150 words or less tend to get published. Check the archives on this blog for my most in-depth discussions on issues, but also be sure to check out my campaign site: www.mikekole.com

2. Add a "Vote for Mike Kole" signature file to your email accounts. Many people have signature files with quotes from famous people or witty one-liners. Adding a simple message like, "I'm supporting Mike Kole for Secretary of State" and then the campaign website: www.mikekole.com, is a simple way to reach people in an unintrusive way. Think of how many emails you send each day, and who you send them to. With a signature file message, you could reach 20 or more people every day.

3. Get a bumper sticker on your vehicle. If you send an email to mikekole@msn.com, the Campaign Team will send you a bumper sticker. They look great, and they help build name recognition. Here's the bumper sticker:

I appreciate the email requests from people looking for ways to help. The Campaign Team is still growing. If you have an interest beyond these simple things, and into more traditional campaign roles such as fundraiser or precinct walker, by all means contact us on mikekole@msn.com.

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