Thursday, April 20, 2006

Indiana's Net Loss

The prevalent idea that Indiana is losing "native" population has recently been confirmed by the US Census. Immigrants are taking up the slack, but that's not viewed too favorably in many quarters. From the Indy Star report:

But since immigrants typically don't have high-paying jobs, Indiana's net loss through domestic migration is troubling. "I don't think 'alarmed' is the right word, but it needs to be watched," said Carol Rogers, of Indiana University's Business Research Center.

The Daniels Administration will probably be quick to point out that the Census figures stop at 2004, hanging this data on the Democratic governors that proceded him. Very well- the Daniels Administration has been on the clock for two years. Let's see the post 2004 numbers soon.

Any time the Daniels Administration wants to turn Indiana into a jobs, wealth, and population magnet, it can take some very simple steps.

1. Cut or eliminate the state income tax. Seven other states have no income tax. Indiana should become the 8th.
2. Cut or eliminate the corporate taxes. Business go off-shore or to other states to flee the tax burden. Eliminate that burden, and they wil flock here instead.

Elect Libertarians, and these things will take place. We have the spine to do it. Keep electing Republicans for fear of electing Democrats, and you'll keep getting empty rhetoric. Look to see if Daniels calls on the Legislature for these growth tools.

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