Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hamilton County Report

The Noblesville Daily Times and Indy Star (both Gannett papers) shared a report yesterday on the various candidates appearing on the Hamilton County ballot.

While the article's focus was mainly on the township candidates, Hamilton County Chair and Kole Campaign Manager Rob Place got a nice mention in for me. From Chris Sikich's report:

Rob Place, chairman of the county's Libertarian Party, said Libertarians are focusing on Fishers resident Mike Kole's campaign for Secretary of State instead of local offices. Two Libertarians are seeking local office in Hamilton County, one each in Clay and Wayne Township, and Place said the party decided not to run for more offices to avoid being spread too thin. If Kole receives 10 percent of the vote, Place said Libertarians will become a major party with easier ballot access.

"We really want to make Hamilton County aware of who he is," Place said.

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