Monday, July 03, 2006

They Say The Lights Are Bright On Broadway

Thanks to Ame, Alex & I will be taking in our first Broadway production on Thursday, when we see Spamalot, the Monty Python-inspired musical. The blogging will be sparse as we spend three days in New York City.

Sure, Spamalot it isn't King Lear or Twelfth Night, but if you want to interest a teenager in stage productions, those classics may not be the best introduction.

I'm looking forward to staying with my best friend, Steve Wainstead. It's been nine years since he went to NYC, for a two-year experiment in living in the big city. Hopefully, Alex will have his taste buds in high adventure mode, as Steve now lives in Queens amidst a dazzling array of ethnic neighborhoods and their restaurants.

Notably, we'll take the #7 train that John Rocker infamously commented on, when we go from LaGuardia Airport to Jackson Heights, in Queens. Unfortunately, the Mets and Yankees will both be out of town.

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