Monday, July 31, 2006

Sweating in Nashville

Every candidate knows that Fair Season in July and August, and that it's going to be hot under those canvas tents. Today was ridiculous, as temperatures in Brown County reached 97 degrees, with humidity to spare. Isabel and I were soaked the whole time, and fortunately, so was every hand I shook. It was great to see Al Cox and Duncan Adams. I was disappointed not to run into Eric Schansberg, who is attending every county fair in the 9th Congressional District.

I had a nice chat with Bill Stant, the erstwhile Secretary of State candidate for the Green Party. Bill reports that it is pretty certain that his effort to get on the ballot via petition fell short. This is disappointing to me in that I support full ballot access, regardless of party. I would rather have the voters of our state decide to vote for a candidate, or not, rather than have that power sit with the Republicans and Democrats, the Indiana Election Division, or anyone besides the voters.

Interestingly, it occured to me that I have seen Bill on the trail more than the incumbent or the Democrat. It looks like we have invisible candidates from the "major" parties. Quite a disservice to the voters.

At any rate, I am looking forward to tomorrow's indoor, air conditioned event at the Nowhere Bar at Rolling Prairie!

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