Friday, August 04, 2006

Exclusion Coverage

Here are links to media reports on the issue of Libertarians excluded from the ballot.

South Bend Tribune report, by Martin D'Agostino.

Muncie Free Press report.

Indiana Legislative Insight is subscription only. Here is a quote from their report:

The LPIN asserts that it filed the notice via e-mail, although the statute bars such filing via FAX or e-mail, and the Election Division notes that the filing failed to identify any specific office. Division authorities informed the LPIN well ahead of the August 25 deadline for listing all candidates to be voted upon in November “in order that the LPIN may pursue a judicial remedy if they desire to do so.”

Secretary of State challenger Mike Kole (L) complains that with the statute, which became effective in late March, “the Legislature passed a law that was designed to trip us up, and succeeded.” Kole adds that “We never had to do this notification before. It was just one more hoop placed in front of the Libertarian Party, and we missed it. Some of the now disqualified candidates were going to supply the only opposition to an otherwise unchallenged incumbent.
A real service this bureaucracy provides to the people of Indiana. Can you imagine what it would be like if Coke and Pepsi wrote all the laws regarding the manufacture of soft drinks? That would be called collusion. With our elections, the Republicans and Democrats write the election laws. Why isn’t that called what it is? It is collusion. And, what about due process and equal protection
under the law? Apparently, if Republicans and Democrats collude to exclude a minor party, those arcane notions can sail right out the window.”
WIBC 1070-am online report link.

Though, we did not miss the deadline for filing. The LPIN State Chair was required to give notice of intent to fill vacancies post-convention. The rules for the Rs & Ds allow them to appoint by caucus of precinct committeemen, or to appoint by county chair. Ls are not allowed appointment by these two methods.

Fort Wayne Libertarian Jeannette Jaquish reports that local NPR affiliate, WBOI-FM, aired coverage of the press conference with quotes from me. No link available on WBOI's website thus far.

At the Statehouse, from left: Steve Keltner, who would have challenged Brian Bosma in Indiana House District 88; Kole; Scott Wise, who would have challenged in US House District 3; and Jo Coleman, who is still on the ballot for Indiana House 25.

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