Monday, August 21, 2006

Picture Post

As long as I am pulling photos for posts, I may as well post some shots from the Adirondacks from our recent trip.

We camp near Speculator, NY. It's wonderfully remote. The trails to Rock Pond and Long Pond are gloriously under-utilized, which is why we go there. No other persons had been here for two weeks, according to the trailhead log book.

Alex & I gear up at Rock Pond. Alex is 14 and very capable of handling a man-sized load. Alex taking a larger share of the load coupled with having lost 30 pounds made these hikes some of the breeziest I've ever taken!

Ame carried Isabel on her back for the hikes.

Of course, once on site, Isabel was on the move. This is Long Pond, and she wanted to be in the Pond very much. It's too much like a quarry to allow her to swim here yet.

Isabel searches for blueberries as the morning mist rises off Long Pond.

A pair of loons are obscured by the mist on the Pond.

After the camping, we visited with members of Ame's extended family in nearby North Creek, NY. We rode the excursion train there. This is my girl- enjoying the wind in her hair, while on the train! The trackage was former Delaware & Hudson, and much of it ran parallel to the very rocky Hudson River, which bore little resemblance to what you see in NYC.

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