Thursday, August 24, 2006

Putting The 'Fun' in Fundraising

Big thanks to Todd Singer for hosting a fundraiser for me at the Taj Majal of bowling alleys, Pinheads in Fishers. We bowled in a private four-lane suite with theatre screen TVs, sofas and easy chairs, and a cool musical selection. Supporters came from Marion, Hamilton, and Hendricks Counties.

Two favorite moments- We badgered LPIN State Chair Mark Rutherford long and hard into bowling, mainly because we wanted a picture of a guy bowling in a business suit. Wouldn't you know Mark threw a strike! No warm up, just dead-eye accuracy.

Like Barry Bonds after a home run, Rutherford admires his strike.

Alex cracked everybody up with his calculated five-bumper strike. Here's the suite with the giant TV screens above the pins.

From left: Jo Coleman, Eric Barnes, Todd Singer, Mike Kole, Mark Rutherford, and bowling champ Kevin "Jerry" Hood

Marion County Treasurer Eric Barnes presented me with a check for $500

I appreciate the support from the bowlers and non-bowlers who attended tonight, and again, thanks to Todd Singer for a great event!

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