Monday, August 28, 2006

September Calendar Filling Up!

I've been promised a busy home stretch into Election Day by my campaign manager Rob Place, and it's definitely getting there. We're filing the calendar with solid events.

Thus far, there are nine events on eight dates, taking me to Wayne County three times, and also up to South Bend. That's not a huge number, yet, but the events are excellent. It seems we add two every day!

Three of these events will have winning an endorsement in mind. Another will put me in front of TV cameras. There is even a Secretary of State candidate forum, which was somewhat unexpected given that there weren't debates for the candidates in 2002.

It is not too late to schedule an appearance. County Chairs and supporters should contact Rob Place to make the appointment. In the meantime, check the schedule like they vote in Chicago- early and often.


Kevin said...

I don't see anything about Pagan Pride Day.

Mike Kole said...

Kevin- As this is a statewide campaign, and I could do any of a dozen events at the same time on the same day, my preference is to choose the events I attend in support of local candidates and county affiliates as my top priority. I am reliant upon the local folks to provide the event info, and to set up our presense at the events. I know this was a successful event for the Marion County LP in the past, so I would be delighted to consider this.

Please supply campaign manager Rob Place with the info on this event: Where, when, contact info. Also, will the LP or local affiliates have a table or booth space.

Tom Britt said...

Mike, let me know if you have any events in the Geist/Fishers area. I'd love to attend one since I missed the last one at Pinheads.

Best of luck to you in your campaign!