Monday, August 28, 2006

Travel Log

Very early on, I thought I should keep a milage log. I wish I had. It would be interesting to see the numbers at this point, as I began campaigning in September 2004, first working to secure the nomination of the Libertarian Party, then to reach the voters of our state.

Thus far I have visited 27 counties, reaching the corners of the state, including all nine Congressional Districts. I have visited many of these locations on multiple occasions, with some of the furthest counties from home being the places I seem to land the most, such as LaPorte County, and also Allen and Wayne.

With 70 days left, this exceeds the reach of any previous statewide Libertarian campaign. In the remaining 10 weeks, I'll visit plenty more counties and meet many more voters. I'll look forward to meeting you on the trail, too!

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