Friday, September 29, 2006

Candidate Questionnaires Galore

When I'm not out on the trail, I'm still very active behind the scenes. Sometimes I'm making fundraising calls. Lately, I've been filling out questionnaires from PACs and media outlets, especially newspapers. Here's one that's already posted, on the website if the Lousiville Courier-Journal.

Unfortunately, most of the questionnaires tend not very relevant to the office of Secretary of State. The C-J's is a nice exception. I've been asked about Major Moves, DST, abortion, assisted suicide, and a host of things that no Secretary of State can affect. It's bothersome to get one from a special interest group that decides every vote based on one issue, regardless of whether that issue is anything an officeholder can affect. These PACs end up endorsing those who gave the right answer on their litmus test, even though they could be fully unqualified for the office they seek. This is not the path to good government.

I do fill out and return all questionnaires from media outlets. I hope newspaper and blog readers will take the time to read my positions. I believe the average Hoosier will agree with me on these things.

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Republican Institute for Truth, Justice and the American Way. said...

Please choose one: Do you...

(A) Blindly support George Bush?


(B) Hate America?

Thank you in advance for your correct answer.