Saturday, September 30, 2006

Indy Star Shines Spotlight on Kole & Schansberg

There have been a lot of press articles that have covered my campaign, but none is as satisfying as one recently penned by Tim Swarens of the Indianapolis Star Editorial Board. Article link. Quotes:
One interesting development to emerge from the interviews is the growing maturity of the Indiana Libertarian Party. With a few exceptions (Kenn Gividen and Dan Drexler come to mind), Libertarian candidates in the past have often provided the comic relief to the otherwise serious business of helping choose our elected leaders.


This year, however, the Libertarians have come prepared with more realistic ideas for how to address state and national issues. Eric Schansberg, an IU-Southeast economics professor running in the 9th congressional district, and Mike Kole, a candidate for Indiana Secretary of State, have been particularly impressive. Neither has a realistic chance to win his race come November, but they are thoughtfully contributing to the public discourse and helping lay a stronger foundation for future Libertarian candidates.

The fun factor provided by candidates who want to eliminate all drug laws and set up prostitution zones throughout Indianapolis may be gone, but the more sober-minded Libertarians of 2006 are helping their party emerge as a credible alternative.

This is very satisfying. It has always been disappointing to me to see Libertarians viewed and portrayed as shallow, single-minded thinkers. Libertarians have strong, valid positions on the entire spectrum of public policy issues, but because old-school Ls focused on such a small subset of these issues, the media came to know Libertarians as clowns. Sadly, many Ls in other parts of the country happily cling to this foolish, self-indulgent attitude. Happily, the Libertarian Party of Indiana had long ago rejected this approach. It is what made the LPIN a group I could invest my name and reputation in.

It may be too soon to declare, "mission accomplished!" since the goal is to be elected. However, as Mr. Swarens points out, the corner has been rounded, and if widespread Libertarian election to office fails to happen this cycle, it may well happen in 2007 and 2008.


Jim46225 said...

Mike- Mr. Swarens did finally give you and the LPIN the respect you deserve from the Media in his column yesterday. It's a predictable result of your hard work.

Mike Kole said...

Thanks, Jim!