Tuesday, September 19, 2006

FOP Report

The Indiana Fraternal Order of Police is hosting candidate nights across the state as they gather information towards making endorsements of candidates.

I am very excited for the possibility that I might have earned the FOP's endorsement tonight.

Because I am not running for legislative office, there were no promises of voting in line with the FOP's position on things. However, I did express that it was my constant dismay that governments at the municipal, county, and state level all seem to have their priorities exactly backward. Indy and the State fought over control of the socialized football stadium, but when people notice we have a murder problem, funding the police is suddenly an idea whose time has come! As a Libertarian, I believe in very few functions for our governments, but public safety- police, along with fire, EMS, rescue, etc.- all should be fully funded, and funded first as top priority.

Many FOP members remarked to me afterwards that they thought my comments were 100% right on the money.

FOP has endorsed Libertarians in the past, such as Brad Klopfenstein and Richard Bees. I am very hopeful that I will be one of the next Libertarians to earn this distinction.

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