Friday, September 22, 2006

Lafayette Report

Three events in Lafayette & West Lafayette today, all very positive.

The first was an interview with the Purdue Exponent's Mike Westervelt. He asked questions related to the office I am seeking, which is always refreshing. Plus, he was interested to learn about the various rules and measures tied to the outcome of an Indiana Secretary of State candidate, plus the way the Primaries benefit the Rs & Ds. He indicated the article would run mid-next week.

From the Exponent, I went to WLFI TV-18, for an interview with Allysa Rossomme. Her questions related to both the office I am seeking and to the Libertarian Party generally, but also to ballot access issues in Indiana. She was also interested to learn about how appointments to offices are related to the outcome of an Indiana Secretary of State candidate. She was unsure of when the piece, a feature on Libertarians, would run.

Cracking jokes on the set with TV-18's Allysa Rossomme.

Two in a row. In fact it's fascinating to find that most reporters had no idea of the significance of the Secretary of State's race, but they are very interested to learn about it. I'm delighted to tell reporters about it. Interesting to note that clearly no Ds or Rs talk about it.

The final event was a dinner with Tippecanoe County supporters at the Little Mexico II restaurant. Excellent food! Great conversations, from midwives to charter schools, Casey Shoaf's campaign for Sheriff, and my campaign by and by. We passed out bumper stickers and yard signs, and noted commitments to work the polling places on Election Day. Big thanks to Randy Young for arranging the dinner on very short notice!

Tippecanoe County Libertarians surround me at dinner.

With a little time between events before dinner, I am pleased to note that I stopped at the XXX Root Beer stand near the Purdue campus. I love the myriad Purdue related photos crammed on the walls at the Triple-X. Excellent root beer in a frosted mug while reading an AJ Quinnell thriller is rather an excellent way to enjoy a rare spare half-hour. Eat your heart out, Michael Jarrell!


Todd S. said...

Did you get the Dwayne Purvis at the Triple XXX? It's a great burger!

Mike Kole said...

No, just a short stop for the root beer. We had the dinner shortly thereafter.

Michael said...

Yep, I definitely envy you. So much so that I'll have to go put a bottle of XXX on ice and enjoy it this afternoon! Ha!