Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Campaign Notes

Today was marked by a trip to Vincennes, supporting Libertarian candidate for Indiana House District 64 JA Thomas, at a League of Women Voters forum.

A representative of the Knox County League of Women Voters introduces, from left, Kreg Battles (D), Troy Woodruff (R), and JA Thomas (L).

Even though I was not a speaker, I was able to say hello to everyone in the crowd of about 100, including reporters from two newspapers and a radio station. Many business cards were distributed.

Mike & JA Thomas, after the forum.

After the event, I drove to JA's home to drop off yard signs. We both agree that the purple Kole sign looks very good alongside the red white and blue Thomas sign. It was very good to see so many of his neighbors with Thomas signs in the front yard!

Have your Kole yard sign yet? Contact Rob Place to get yours! Email: rob(a)

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