Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Trail Notes

I'll start with the schedule, and then get to the re-cap of the last two days.

Wed 10/4, Vincennes. Libertarian candidate for Indiana House JA Thomas is participating in a League of Women Voters event, and has asked me to be there to take in the event, work the room, and meet the press. I'll do that I'll day long!

Thurs 10/5, Chicago. I know that's Illinois, but the Heartland Institute is hosting its 22nd annual dinner, and a seat at a table was provided for me by former LNC Treasurer Mark Nelson. I will look forward to the opportunity to be introduced to pro-liberty benefactors from around the Midwest, and will extol the virtues of my campaign.


Mon 10/2, Rushville. I was a guest on the "It's Politics" show on radio station WKWH 94.3-FM, with hosts John McCane and Dick Malcom. They surprised me with their depth of knowledge about the functions of the Office of Secretary of State. Since they knew so much, I promised them that I would ably protect the Seal of the great state of Indiana, which brought many laughs. This was the only the second time any media persons expressed any interest at all in discussing the Securities Division and the Business Services Division. Most focus on Elections, which I do like to discuss. When asked what I might possibly do differently, I took the opportunity to point to the recently released Guide For Newlyweds, which is essentially a reprint of a Kiplinger's article repackaged as a brochure. I stated that I would never authorize something like this for two reasons. One, it's fine for the Securities Division to advise the public of scams that are being perpetrated on our people, but it's the job of individuals to seek out education for financial planning on their own. Two, the brochure was produced with funds from fraud case settlements. That's just profane. The money secured in fraud case settlements should be returned to the victims of fraud! Also, to cover the cost of litigating these cases, but that's it. An excellent half-hour on the air.

Fishers. I briefly attended the Town Council meeting in my home town of Fishers, where a proposed ban on smoking at private places of business was to be discussed. I was unable to stay for long as I had Isabel in my care, and she's teething, but I was able to say hello to many bar and restaurant owners, such as Bill Smythe of Claude & Annie's, and to give my support to their position. Very pleasing to see Dan Drexler and Kyle MacDonald of the LPIN office there as well.

Tue, 10/3, Indianapolis. Hamilton County Libertarian Wayne Kirk set up a meeting with MIBOR, the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors. Wayne and I attended along with LPIN state chair Mark Rutherford, meeting with MIBOR's political affairs liason Thomas Rector, and government affairs director Chris Prior. This was a very productive meeting, where we spoke about the growth of the Libertarian Party and our role in increasing role in shaping public policy. We asked about MIBOR's legislative interests and answered many of their questions. I am hopeful that this is just the first of many such meetings with professional organizations and associations, and that we will be working together on policy matters in the future.

Big thanks to Wayne Kirk for setting this meeting up!

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J. A. Thomas said...

I look forward to seeing you again Mike. Considering the coverage I'm getting lately, it should be a great opportunity to get our views heard by the press.