Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Not An Endorsement, But...

The Indianapolis Star issued its endorsement for Secretary of State this morning. While they continue to seemingly give the nod to the front-runners, they did have this to say about me:
Libertarian Mike Kole is a thoughtful representative of his party. He should easily win the minimum number of votes needed to ensure a spot on the ballot for Libertarians in future elections.

32 positive words. That's major progress from a paper that was openly hostile to us in April and in years past. I am pleased that the Star's Editorial Board included this comment, and hope it is read far and wide, because they haven't held back on negative comments in their endorsements this year. They trashed the Republican and Democratic candidates for US House in District 7 because they deserved a good trashing.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana has worked hard on its credibility. This is a small result, but one that I believe helps pave the way for endorsements and better treatment in the media overall.

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