Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What is This? Alabama?

After shoveling at 6:30, I was out for a drive this morning in my Fishers neighborhood. Normally, Lantern Rd is choked with traffic. I could could four cars, including mine, on Lantern this morning.

I simply cannot get over how the whole region has simply battened the hatches today. I measured five inches of snow this morning. Is this Alabama, or what? Five inches of snow is all that is needed to grind Central Indiana to a halt? Incredible. We're just two hours south of the Great Lakes, and people here are afraid of snow... Wow, but our spirit can be weak at times.


Michael said...

I don't think it was the 5 inches of snow, it was the additional 7 or better inches forecast throughout the rest of the day. Even my wife turned around at the prospect of getting trapped in Indy if Hamilton County closed the roads, (as they mentioned earlier today).

Joe said...

The problem is when systems you count on shut down, it changes your plans.

Case in point, our daycare closed today. That means I have to stay home with our child, because I can work from home and she can't.

andy said...

That, or technology makes it fairly pointless to put up with the pain in the rear end that travel in this kind of weather can be. Why hassle with it when I can do everything from my house that I can in the office? Why risk a fender bender and the headaches that come with that?

Mike Kole said...

True enough- I work out of my home, and many others do too, or can if the office isn't functioning.

I guess I'm reacting to those systems. Why is a day care closed? The kids come to them. Why is the school closed? Can busses not advance through snow?

It just seems that many threw in the towel before the snow even hit the ground and wrote today (and even tomorrow) off without much thought. That disappoints me. I like it when people struggle through a situation to bring about business as usual. I think we shut down too easily, and really, this snow isn't that bad... especially since so many packed it in. You can hog the center of the road easily!

Kevin said...

You'll be glad to know that the auto auction I work at had a sale today, and employee attendance was not too bad.