Thursday, February 15, 2007

Why Libertarians Shouldn't Run as Republicans, Part 382

I caught a brief moment of Sean Hannity's show today, and he put a caller on who asked why Hannity doesn't interview Ron Paul, a Republican member of the US House running for President.

Ron Paul. Republican. Running for President. That should be worthy of an interview by Hannity, the rah-rah Republican talk host, right?

Oh, you should have heard the scorn and dirision in his voice. "Ron Paul's a Libertarian," Hannity hissed. "Ron Paul's campaign can call and make an interview request," said Hannity, working as quickly as possible to dispose of the call.

Who needs that kind of treatment? Paul could run as a Libertarian Party candidate (or even as a Democrat) and gain the same response from Hannity. But Paul's a Republican. He's been elected to the US House as a Republican repeatedly. He seeks the GOP nomination. And yet, Hannity treats him like a pariah.

This is what happens to libertarians who run as Republicans. Don't drink the kool-aid! Remember again that the Texas GOP gerrymandered Paul out of his district in an attempt to be rid of him.

So, to those who believe Libertarians and Republicans are the same, feast your eyes yet again. When Hannity spits on a Libertarian-Republican fusion candidate, it should tell you all you need to know about the relative similarities or differences. To those who believe the GOP is dominated by the descendents of Barry Goldwater, just watch how Ron Paul is treated.

Ron Paul in the back room with the GOP's Good Ol' Boys.

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Rex Bell said...

I was running short on time today, so I had to choose between listening to Hannity or disemboweling myself with a dull roofing shovel.

Excellent analysis, though. Voting Republican will produce Republican results