Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Illinois, Again

For Wednesday and Thursday, I will be wrapping up projects in Danville and Decatur, then starting a bigger project in Champaign. In fact, Champaign will be as large as the other two combined!

Never fear, I'll be back on Friday, bright and early on your radio!

Tune in to "Abdul in the Morning" at 7am Friday morning to hear me along with Brad Klopfenstein and Mark Rutherford. That's 1430-am on your radio dial, and online at http://www.wxnt.com/

I'm not sure exactly what Abdul's up to here, as the three of us represent the Libertarians who have passed the torch to the next generation. Certainly, we'll talk about property taxes, and the LPIN's 2001 plan to overhaul them.

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