Monday, December 24, 2007

New Linkage

I've added a link to Hoosiers For Ron Paul- an excellent clearing house of links to active Ron Paul supporters around Indiana, and to national sites. The link now resides under "My Fellow Hoosier Libertarians".

Hoosiers For Ron Paul and website organizer Michael Hargett were referenced in an Indy Star article this morning, on Hoosiers backing presidential candidates:

"People want to be free, whether it's free from the foreign trade deficits, or free from the Patriot Act or free from our own oppressive policies, Hargett said of Paul's appeals to backers. They think that the best way to be free is that you take away this notion that we're fighting the whole world."
For me, it boils down much simpler: Our government does more than it should, costs more than it should, and would be greatly improved by reduction. Ron Paul is the only candidate enunciating a plan for smaller government.
Note: I've also eliminated the link to Indy Undercover, as that blog has been deleted by the owner. I'm keeping the link to Rob Beck's "Shall Not Perish", for even though he's been inactive for almost a year, the archives are good reading. I wish he were active right now!

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