Monday, December 24, 2007

Old Poll Results

I had a long running poll: Who would you vote against. Here are the final results:

Who would you vote against?

Selection ........Votes
Hillary Clinton 53% 121
John McCain 7% 16
Mitt Romney 9% 21
Ron Paul 4% 9
Dennis Kucinich 3% 6
All of 'em - I'll vote Libertarian 25% 57

230 votes total

Clinton and McCain have long been on top of my 'vote against' list. I'm happier to have a possible 'vote for' candidate, in Ron Paul. I remain highly doubtful Paul can win the Republican nomination, so after that event, I will probably be searching for a new 'vote for' candidate.


colecurtis said...

That Paul does not get nominated from your mouth to God's ears I am a McCain supporter and we are in it to win it and are well on our way

Mike Kole said...

I dunno, boss. Everything points towards McCain going down the tubes, not the least of which is the Lieberman kiss of death. What is it that makes you hopeful for McCain?

With Dr. Paul, the kind of money he's raised and his grassroots support gives me hope. But McCain?