Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Gas To $4 A Gallon?

I say, "Who cares?" I have to drive to wherever I'm working, in whichever state it is, so I'm going to pay what the price is at the pump.

I find it interesting to observe some Democrats pandering now to those who would like to see the costs held down in light of all the Democrats who remarked when fuel was cheap on how a higher price would be a good thing, because it would spur conservation. Well, which way is it?

I also get a kick out of the assertion that people won't take the weekenders anymore. Well! Let's do the math!

Say I'm going to ditch terrain-challenged Central Indiana for Kentucky's Red River Gorge. It's a trip we've made 4 times in the last two years. It happens to be a round 250 miles from home, or a 500 mile round trip. In the Saturn Vue at 20 mpg, we're burning 25 gallons of gas. At $4/gallon, that's $100.

Well, spank my ass and call me Charlie, at $2/gallon, it would have been $50!

Forget Obama, I want CHE GUEVARA! Shut down free enterprise immediately, suspend habeus corpus, declare the USA a commune-do ANYTHING to spare me 50 bucks! Cough.

Look, if 50 bucks is the difference between a weekender or not, you have no business even considering the weekender. You need a second job. You need it now.

The same people who are yelling about high gas prices did nothing to stop the increase of sales taxes, food & beverage taxes, and the inkeepers taxes- all of which have about the same impact as the rising price of fuel.

I realize I'm on the other side of that argument, but I'll temper it thusly: I believe that a producer of gasoline should be able to charge whatever it wants. It brought the stuff out of the ground, refined it, and made it available to me. It's theirs until I buy it. The seller should have the right to name his price, just as we have the right to walk away from it. Where does anyone get off saying that they have a right as a consumer to some good at their price? Isn't that some kind of bondage for the producer?

I walk away from the inkeepers taxes by pitching a tent. If gasoline prices trouble you so greatly, buy the Prius, ride the bike, or walk even.

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