Sunday, April 13, 2008

Old Friends

(Broadview Heights, OH)- I love the advance of technology. Every now and then, I get to thinking about an old friend, and I do a search on Google or Myspace, and it's amazing how I pretty easily find that person.

So, back in January, I got thinking about my old buddy, Chuck. We grew up on the same street. We wrote and drew our own peculiar take on Mad Magazine, which certainly scared our parents. We formed our first band together when we were 13-14. I pinch-hit on bass for some of the metal bands he was drumming in. Metal guitarists always wanted to play lead. I could have made a career playing bass for metal bands. Alas- every now and again, I showed decent judgment in my youth.

Anyhow, I hit Myspace and found a band he had been playing in recently. I left a message. Before long, we got to trading emails. Finally, after some 15 years or so, Chuck and I got together to catch up.
A reunion and a barrel of laughs!

What a hoot! I was armed with pictures and the old hand-drawn comics. We laughed so much it hurt.

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Doug said...

Old friends are awesome. They knew you before you became a grown up and so probably have a better idea about the kid who still lives inside your head. At least that's how it works for me. Maybe some people actually become grown ups instead of merely acting like it.