Monday, August 04, 2008

Today, It's McCain

It seems that McCain and Obama take turns irritating me. Today, I am irritated with John McCain and his campaign. Can you believe this presumptuous crap?

Dear John- You don't have my support. You have a commitment against you, however. Kindly fade into obscurity.

I've gotten some fairly presumptuous stuff from Obama before, back in April '07 in fact, and it irked me then. I was the Libertarian Party's candidate for Secretary of State in '06, for crying out loud. I'm a Libertarian partisan! It's not too hard to look up, and it suggested to me that Obama would make the kind of president that wouldn't be too interested in details or facts, just getting the win. I really don't like that.

Well, I like this less. This one came with a letter, addressed to me, not to 'occupant' but to me by name, and identified me as a 'grassroots leader'. It targeted me as one with 'conservative principles'- which is correct, insofar as 'conservative' relative to change means, with lineage to Thomas Jefferson. So, the McCain campaign must have looked me up enough to know that I kind of have some grassroots political involvement.
McCain is the co-author of McCain-Feingold, the badly misnamed campaign finance 'reform' law. I don't know the full scope of McCain-Feingold, but I do know this: It's illegal to troll campaign finance reports for potential donors. I'm not saying that's what the McCain campaign is doing when it lands a targeted beg package like this in the lap of a guy like me, but I wouldn't rule it out either.
I really don't like that in a president, either.
The letter reads, "I know that before I ask for your support, I must earn your respect."
The McCain 'honor' stuff has worn more than thin. It's a load of bunk. If you want my respect, call for the repeal of McCain-Feingold, reverse your Iraq policy, apologize for your FISA vote, up the call for budget cuts from measly earmarks to something substantial like 5% across-the-board, and maybe just fold your campaign. that would be a start towards earning my respect.


Doug said...

This is completely beside the point, but that's kind of how I roll. I figured Thomas Jefferson as the first liberal with Alexander Hamilton being more of the nation's first conservative; depending, as always, how you define those terms.

Thinking about it, however, I can see where Jefferson would be considered more libertarian minded than Hamilton who advocated a strong federal government.

Mike Kole said...

Right- the terms are perfectly relative. Jefferson is the classic liberal. I think of myself as a classic liberal, which either annoys or amuses most of my 'blue state friends. But, it's conservative in the notion of resistance to change from Jeffersonian ideals.

Then again, in relative terms, Hamilton would be considered a radical libertarian if alive today, for the 'strong' federal government he advocated for still didn't reach into that many areas of life. He wasn't advocating for a Department of Education, that's for sure.

varangianguard said...

I think you should go find Ted Rall's political cartoon for today. It's so you. ;)