Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Podcast Update

I have now conducted two interviews for the Libertarian Party of Indiana's Weekly Podcast- one with LPIN Chair Todd Singer, and now newly elected Marion County Chair Timothy Maguire. Both had great insights to share, and I really appreciate their willingness to visit me in my 'home studio'.

Bugs are getting worked out. My recording of Singer is sub-par, in that his volume levels are far too low. That has been corrected with the Maguire interview. I am very satisfied with that latter recording, which is unusual for me. I usually am not comfortable with my newer productions until they've been tweaked for months. Chalk it up to old age and experience.

Here is the link to the podcasts. You can subscribe and have them automatically downloaded to your iTunes as new episodes are released. 

I have to say, as a subscriber to about a half dozen podcasts, I get a real kick out of seeing one I've produced line up in the 'Downloads' queue on iTunes.

I'm open to suggestion for interview subjects or topics to cover. Obviously, the news writes itself, and the bailouts and economy are on the top of my list. Where else should I turn?


Timothy Maguire said...

smoking bans.

Rex Bell said...

Maybe some of the activity in the nether regions. <:-)

Mike Kole said...

Definitely will do both.

I'm 'lucky' in that my work has me travelling all over the state. I fully intend to take advantage, and talk to the folks in NW Indiana, in the Louisville area, and I might even make way over to Wayne County and talk to some of the good elected Libertarian officials over there.