Friday, January 30, 2009

Poor Winners

I generally dislike end-zone celebrations after a touchdown. I can see some exuberance after a score, especially one to end a long drive, or on a play where several tackles were broken. In that case, go ahead- spike the ball.

I prefer guys like Barry Sanders or Steve Largent- pros who acted like they had been to the end zone a hundred times in their life. When they scored, they didn't taunt or do a dance. They handed the ball to the ref and trotted off the field.

Now that the Democrats have elected a President and re-elected a Democratic Congress, the gloves are off among leftward bloggers and pundits, revelling in the kind of infantile and mean-spirited name calling reserved those not used to winning. They not only have spiked the ball, but they're in the face of the other side.

It's hard to even read a left blog these days. Mostly, it's the followers and their comments, but sometimes the bloggers themselves. I've pretty well had it with anyone, left or right, who uses the terms, 'wingnut' (as though they could only be right-wing-nuts, and not left-wing-nuts), moonbat, righttard, lefttard, Paultard (or anything-tard, for that matter). You generally need not go more than two posts deep to see it. Shallow posts with ad hominem attacks and name calling, or even goofy pictures, rule the day.

There were many messages Obama put out, won support for, and was elected on. Apparently, his message of inclusive government was not one of them. It seems to have been ignored by the dyed-in-the-wool Democrats. It's too bad, because both Democrats and Republicans have something to offer. As a Libertarian, that's plain to see, because I share many things with each camp. Maybe that's what two party dominance has caused- a great 'my team's way or the highway' antipathy for the other side.

Obama's position is correct. I wouldn't mind seeing some display of it by his choir.


varangianguard said...

Whew. For a moment there I was afraid you had found something I wrote about you offensive.

But - must - stop - from - joining - fray - for - comic - effect.

Mike Kole said...

No, no- love you long time. xoxo

The fray needs to be exposed without joining it, for sure. I don't use the kind of terms I'm finding. I like well-crafted ridicule, but not ad hominem. I find "-tard" the most offensive. When I see that, I think, "this blog is asking, BEGGING to be dismissed out of hand".

varangianguard said...

But yet, you keep coming back for more. What would the "doctor" say?

Mike Kole said...

Sure, the "doctor" would say, "STOP BLOGGING!"

What would varangianguard say, again? :-)

varangianguard said...

The "doctor" (in quotes) was supposed to be a euphemism for psychiatrist.

What would I say?

Go forth boldly, sirrah! Take up thine mighty pen, sally the port, and verily tilt against the windmills of ignorance and blasphemy.

Or, something like that. ;)

Mike Kole said...

So! You're actively working against my mental health interests...


varangianguard said...

By no means. I would encourage you into cathartic behavior. Slay the demon, wot?

And wazzup, snowman? Not out showing us "wimps" how a real man drives in snow?