Friday, March 20, 2009

My Mecca

(San Jose, CA)- After about 30-35 road trips to see the San Jose Sharks play places other than San Jose, I finally went to the HP Pavilion, aka the Shark Tank, to see my favorite team play. It was an excellent experience!

I started the evening with the CalTrain trip from San Francisco. It was great to see Sharks fans board at the stops along the way, wearing their Sharks jerseys.

It was really great not being one of the odd fans wearing the road team's colors, 'accidentally' having beers spilled on me when my team scores. Loads of fun to see fans having jerseys with names from the past, like Gaetz, Wilson, Makarov, Nolan, and Damphousse.

CalTrain station at 4th & King, SF

I went to the fights and a hockey game broke out. Staubitz vs. Tootoo, win Staubitz

Staubitz is the new local hero. Big cheers during the post-game interview

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Wainstead said...

Hockey AND trains. The mind boggles!