Friday, March 20, 2009

Yes, We're In San Francisco Now

(San Francisco, CA)- A notice was just slipped under the door by the hotel's management. It seems that there is going to be an anti-war rally and march very near to the hotel, and management wanted to let patrons know so that they could allow extra travel time.

I thought about it for a moment. March 21... Hmm... Why, that's the day the US began, not declared in the Congress, war against Iraq. So, I did a generic Google search on 'anti-war San Francisco' and turned up this link, for the sponsor of the event. 

There are still references to President Bush as a 'war criminal'- one that is carefully worded to give President Obama a pass on that charge. Check out the language from their flyer:
The U.S. leaders who have initiated and conducted this criminal war should be tried and jailed for war crimes.

The war in Afghanistan is expanding. Robert Gates, Bush's defense secretary, who was kept at his post by President Obama, has announced that the troop levels in Afghanistan may double in the coming months. Both he and Vice President Biden predicted higher casualties in the coming period.
Amusingly partisan. If one official is a criminal for conducting a criminal war, how is another not a criminal for continuing to conduct that war? Nation of laws, not of men, folks.

Don't give Obama a free pass. He has been in office for 60 days now. He could have withdrawn the troops by now, if it were any priority to him. It obviously isn't. If he were an anti-war politician, he wouldn't be planning to expand in Afghanistan. He obviously isn't. If the left gives Obama a free pass, they will get delivery on anti-war issues in the same way conservatives who gave Bush a free pass on fiscal issues, which is to say, no delivery. 

So, the protest. I might go out there and support a limited anti-war part of their message, nad tweak 'em on their warmongering President Obama.

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