Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Jury Duty!

I am amazed. I have always wanted to participate in jury duty, but every time I get the letter inquiring about my eligibility, and I am either a candidate or an officer of a political party, I shortly thereafter get the rejection letter.

Not this time! I am no longer a candidate, nor an officer of a political party, so I am hereby summoned! Apparently, when when statuses like these change, a person goes from interested insider to objective citizen in a flash.

No matter, I am excited! I will be juror in the later part of this month. Can't wait to see what the case is about!


Wainstead said...

*If* you get selected, you mean.

Mike Kole said...

Well, if I don't get bounced. I've been selected, have a Juror Number, and a Juror Panel Number.

Check out the following link, Rule # 17 & 18. That's where it appears I could get bounced.


Rex Bell said...

Don't wear your FIJA T-shirt unless you have a sweater over it!!

Mike Kole said...

Yeah. I got bounced here again.